About WFG

Hey I’m Alana and I’m making a game called Wise Fools Game or WFG for short.

It’s about a group of teenagers who are all in the same history class and they all go on a little adventure together!

The game is all about saving or not saving your friends and not friends!

It’s part rpg, part friend sim, and part something else.

And lucky for all of you, the Prequel/Demo, it out now!!

Download: (Itch.io) // (Game Jolt)

The demo is all about collecting some cards for our new witch friend, Amelia.

When I go on to make the full game, I am interested in commissioning a pixel artist as well as a composer, so if you interested in working on the game, feel free to send your contact information my way.

I have a store!

main instagram

game update instagram