hello world…

hello world…


Hey so remember when I said I’d be back after two weeks with a new announcement…
Welp, I guess I lied.

Okay so here it is:
I’m making some comics,
To supplement Wise Fools Game (Read it Here!!)

I came up with this idea actual from a game call Pen Pals (a really weird and sort of unfinished RPG Maker Game). The creator actually made the game after drawing some of the comics and I’m decided to do the opposite.
My main reason for starting this is that I don’t know when the full game is coming out, but it won’t be for a while. As much as I’d like to have a team working with me on WFG, I’m living in Japan right now in the middle of nowhere basically. (Like, I live in one of the least populated prefectures in Japan and my backyard are rice patties…)
The idea of having a team when I have little to no experience doing anything game related just sounds like a recipe for disaster. That being said, I wouldn’t mind commissioning pixel artists or music composers but I’m not far enough in the game to consider that for the moment.
But back to the comics, if all things go well, I’ll be posting one at least once a week (probably more when it makes sense). I hope that people can use this to enjoy some of the story of the game and and more importantly, help me to further develop the concepts I already have planned.
So please look forward to my sub-par drawing skills!

Also, pre-orders for merch is ending on Friday, March 29th so check it out if you’re interested!

Ending Side Note:
I do want to apologize for not keeping the dates that I announced.
I’ve been super busy with my life that I just didn’t have the time or energy to work on WFG as much as I wanted to.
That being said, I should be updated more regular from this point but I’m just going to put off making any promises from now about when.
I’ll try to get to my once a week schedule but if there aren’t any post, don’t worry. I’m not abandoning anything, it’s probably just life getting in the way.
I’m still pretty active on Tumblr and Instagram if you want to follow things there and I usually post a few times a week if you’re looking for WFG content!
I guess that’s all for now,
See you soon

New Prints!!

New Prints!!


Hey hey hey
It’s me
And I’m going to be honest
I don’t have much to say in terms of updates at the moment
It’s mostly just store and art print stuff today

But here they are!!

The set is for three 5in x 3.5in prints at 5 USD and it’s free worldwide shipping!

Also, I’ve opened up a second round of pre-orders for shirts and the 10in x 7in print too!
(This will be the last round for the shirt until sometime next year.)

Pre-Orders are from today, Feb 22nd to March 29th.

They’ll ship out in the beginning of May.

In about another two week, I’ll be announcing something of medium importance and I promise it’s not me trying to sell you something lol

See you then!

Patches and Keys and Hints and Store

Patches and Keys and Hints and Store


Hey it’s me again!
So a new patched up game is out, version (1.0.2)!

Patch (1.02) Notes:
Added new text
Fixed spelling errors

Also, we’re officially over 100 downloads combining the numbers from Game Jolt and Itch.io!
So yay!

Another thing, it’s come to my attention through a lovely Let’s Play, that I’m not sure anyone has gotten the secret ending. Maybe my hints were too difficult to understand…
But I decided to post a small hint for everyone so they can try for the second ending!
(Please let me know if it’s still not enough!)

Secret Ending Hint (Spoilers!!) 


combo w pink ac 7

It’ll be about another two weeks before I make another post but also the first round of t-shirts and prints pre-orders are up until February 21st.

So check em’ out if you want!!

Until next time

Out on Game Jolt!

Out on Game Jolt!


WFG: Flower Beds is Available on Game Jolt! 

Also quick bonus update, as I’m working on some personal business stuff, I’ll be taking about a two week break from updates. And it’ll be about a month and a half before I’m in the full swing of things again but please look forward to all the cool stuff I have planned for this game!

Also, also, Flower Beds has reached over 50 downloads on Itch.io so far now!

For some people that might be a small number, but for me, I was so worried that no one would even look in the direction of this game so to everyone who has played it or has even just considered this game, thanks so much!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Hey and Happy New Year!!
So this is my first official post of 2019!
I’ve been really happy with the responses of the prequel/demo so far and I hope you are all enjoying/enjoyed the game.
Right now, I’m taking time to get things prepared for some big changes in my life this year, unrelated to WFG, so my work on the full game is on hiatus for the next month and a half but after that, I have a tentative list of my goals for this year.

WFG 2019 Goals:

  • Full Character Customization
  • All 25 Student Sprite Sheets
  • Finish Opening Scene
  • Finish Game Hub
  • End of the Year Surprise (will be revealed December 21st 2019)

These are my major goals and starting in February I will update as I work on them!
I have some smaller goals too (things like UI design and the Title Screen) but I don’t expect them to be fully completed until I get closer to finishing the full game.

Character Info/Pictures

Character Info/Pictures

Here’s a short summary of all the featured characters in WFG! 

Amelia: The Space Witch

Amelia, a mysterious witch that lives in space.

amyicon_netural re sized

The Pastels

The Pastels are fluffy hamster bear things that were popular with the younger kids and is also a favorite toy of Amelia. She owns like a million of them, but her favorite is one that is jet black and wears a crown, Prince Pastels.​

pp roster

All the Friends and Not Friends

Here are the 25 characters that you can get to know through the friend sim part of the game! (Play the demo to learn more about them!)​

Chara Roster.png