Beta Applications Friday Nov 23 – Saturday Dec 1

Beta Applications Friday Nov 23 – Saturday Dec 1

wfgtitlescreen (1)

So the game is done other than some art that I’m doing my best to try to finish but who knows how that’ll go…


First, here are some game warnings.

Although I don’t think is necessary, I still think it could be important for some people.

There are no heavy warnings for this prequel game coming out.

And because of this, I wouldn’t recommend reading the warnings to avoid potential spoilers.

Although Wise Fools Game and this prequel are not horror games, there are horror game elements to them.


Possible Spoilers!! I don’t recommend reading it if you don’t think you need warnings!

On to applications,

Send me a short email with these three things:

Name or Nickname or Username: (Full or real name obviously not needed)

OS: (Depending on the number of responses, I might only do Windows for now but feel free to send Mac or Linux Applications)

Laptop/Computer Make and Model:

(if you can find an amazon or website link to what your working with, that would also be awesome)

(if it’s a custom make, just put that behind the colon)

(Also you can delete the sentences with parentheses around them when sending this email)

****** Email this to ******

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