Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Hey and Happy New Year!!
So this is my first official post of 2019!
I’ve been really happy with the responses of the prequel/demo so far and I hope you are all enjoying/enjoyed the game.
Right now, I’m taking time to get things prepared for some big changes in my life this year, unrelated to WFG, so my work on the full game is on hiatus for the next month and a half but after that, I have a tentative list of my goals for this year.

WFG 2019 Goals:

  • Full Character Customization
  • All 25 Student Sprite Sheets
  • Finish Opening Scene
  • Finish Game Hub
  • End of the Year Surprise (will be revealed December 21st 2019)

These are my major goals and starting in February I will update as I work on them!
I have some smaller goals too (things like UI design and the Title Screen) but I don’t expect them to be fully completed until I get closer to finishing the full game.

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