Patches and Keys and Hints and Store

Patches and Keys and Hints and Store


Hey it’s me again!
So a new patched up game is out, version (1.0.2)!

Patch (1.02) Notes:
Added new text
Fixed spelling errors

Also, we’re officially over 100 downloads combining the numbers from Game Jolt and!
So yay!

Another thing, it’s come to my attention through a lovely Let’s Play, that I’m not sure anyone has gotten the secret ending. Maybe my hints were too difficult to understand…
But I decided to post a small hint for everyone so they can try for the second ending!
(Please let me know if it’s still not enough!)

Secret Ending Hint (Spoilers!!) 


combo w pink ac 7

It’ll be about another two weeks before I make another post but also the first round of t-shirts and prints pre-orders are up until February 21st.

So check em’ out if you want!!

Until next time

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