Custom Changes

Custom Changes

Hello again!

I started re-working on Wise Fools Game about three months ago and started with the biggest change that I wanted to make.

Re-doing the character creator.

Now keep in mind, I started this demo/prequel in the summer of 2016 when RPG Maker MV wasn’t being used by a lot of people yet, so there were very few plugins and tutorials for this kind of thing.

So coding this was and still is a mess, but now it’s at least a little less of a mess.

Maybe in a different post, I’ll go over some of the things that I love and hate about RPG Maker to sort of explain my terrible coding skills. Lol.

To see the full changes, here’s a link to a video of the old CC.

The basic idea for the new CC was to make the UI less linear and less annoying to start over.

And I do think that I was able to achieve that so I’m satisfied with the result.

The real CC in the full game will be much better thanks to the amazing plugins that have be developed over the last two years. It’ll also be the first thing I’ll be working on after the demo has been release.

And as much as I would love to implement a lite version of a better CC using the plugins, I also just want the demo to come out as soon as possible and I don’t believe that the limits of the one I’ve created will diminish the enjoyment or impact of the prequel.

When I started WFG, I thought about all of the games that I love and the reasons I love them. One of those reasons was the ability to make a character your own.

Even though, the demo is really limited, I still think that it’ll give a taste and feel for how I want the game to be for the players. So please look forward to choosing clothes, more colors, and more options over all in the full game!

Also, right now, I’m thinking of keeping up with videos for the Wednesday updates for the time being. If I can’t figure out any interesting content to record though I’ll keep it to screenshots.

Last small update, I’m in the home stretch of the needed pixel art!!

(But so much more needs to get done…)

Until next week, bye!

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