Hey! Cool Cursor!!

Hey! Cool Cursor!!

Hey hey!

It’s me!


Back with more fun changes!

(I don’t really think they’re that fun but whatever)

This videos about changing the cursor.

One of the things that I’m not exactly a big fan of in RPG Maker is the need for a cursor when inputting a strings but it kind of is what it is.

I looked into it a while ago when I first started the game but the only two options are a having the full list of characters on the screen but you have to use the cursor to input OR have just an input bar with no list of characters with it and just use the keyboard.

I thought the second option was visually a little confusing, so I opted for the cursor.

I might change my mind for the full game though.

Last week was an… interesting week for me so I had to postpone my last blog post until Saturday.

My aim is always Wednesday morning for the blog posts but I’ve never made promises and refuse to make promises about it because I know me too well.

There are two things I’m really good at.

Losing things.

And breaking promises.

So I want to at least keep from setting up any expectations that will just end up being missed.

Also, after the prequel comes out and I start working on the full game, the amount of blog post will also be less. I’m aiming for at least two a month but once again, don’t wanna make any promises.

Here’s the vague things that got finished list:

-All the maps are officially done!!

-More color changes

-More dialogs added

-Code fixed and added (I made an internal clock too)

-Started ‘Fashion’

That’s everything for this week!

Bye Bii!

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