New Colors!

New Colors!


Not sure if I already showed this off before but I’ve been changing the dialog box colors.

It’s been a little tedious but worth it I think.

The contrast between the ‘your voice’ and the other characters makes the dialog visually much better with the new colors.

So changing subjects,

You know when you’ve been working on a project for so long,

And gone over all the little details a bunch of times,

To the point that all the interesting and fun ideas you have are now really boring to you,


I’m officially living in that.


It really sucks too because even though I do kind of think the prequel may come off as a little boring to some people, I really made it more for me than anyone else.

I needed a way to practice using RPG maker and also to learn about the game making process in general.

I have/had all these great ideas but now I’m so bored with myself that I feel like sort of tearing my work down.

There’s about two more months until the game comes out which I’m very happy about. And regardless of how it’s received, I’ve still learned a lot so it’s all worth it!

Now on to,

The Vague List of Things I Did Last Week

– Finished ALL of the dialog (yay!)

– Fixed more colors and dialog

– Ending(s) done

– In the middle of ‘Fashion’


That’s everything for now!


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