All the Faces!

All the Faces!

Anyway, hello!
Back here again with some blog stuff!
So I’ve finally finished with all of Amelia’s faces!!
I’m so happy that it’s over…
It took way too long but it’s mostly because my computer sucks and when I make art that uses more than three layers makes my laptop freak out and take forever to load files.
Also, for some reason, the faces look a lot dark than Amelia’s sprite so I’m thinking about darkening it and you might see those changes next week.

Faces aside, hopefully by the end of this weekend, I’ll officially be in the homestretch of the demo!!
And all that will be left is all of the art of the character busts.
There’s so much art that needs to get done.
So much computer chugging I have to sit through.
…I’m looking…forward…to…it………
The code and pixel art’s done though!

Future headaches aside,
Here this weeks done list:

– Amelia’s faces
– Make the rpg part better
– (Almost) fixed all the the colors
– Prepared the credits
– Finished ‘Fashion’

Okay, Bye2!
(I saw this in the name of a vkei band even though in the Japanese it was written as Bye Bye, the English was written as Bye2)
(idk man)

Mata Raishuu!

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