Beta Applications Friday Nov 23 – Saturday Dec 1

Beta Applications Friday Nov 23 – Saturday Dec 1

wfgtitlescreen (1)

So the game is done other than some art that I’m doing my best to try to finish but who knows how that’ll go…


First, here are some game warnings.

Although I don’t think is necessary, I still think it could be important for some people.

There are no heavy warnings for this prequel game coming out.

And because of this, I wouldn’t recommend reading the warnings to avoid potential spoilers.

Although Wise Fools Game and this prequel are not horror games, there are horror game elements to them.


Possible Spoilers!! I don’t recommend reading it if you don’t think you need warnings!

On to applications,

Send me a short email with these three things:

Name or Nickname or Username: (Full or real name obviously not needed)

OS: (Depending on the number of responses, I might only do Windows for now but feel free to send Mac or Linux Applications)

Laptop/Computer Make and Model:

(if you can find an amazon or website link to what your working with, that would also be awesome)

(if it’s a custom make, just put that behind the colon)

(Also you can delete the sentences with parentheses around them when sending this email)

****** Email this to ******

Picture in the Frames

Picture in the Frames

11 20 18 Blog Post

Hey I’m back!
And I’m very tired.
But also excited
…but mostly tired.

I added some art to the room.
It’s a much better look, I think.
Maybe check it out when you play the game.

There’s a lot I want to write about for Friday so I’ll keep it short and sweet!

Good news,
I’m basically finished with the prequel!!
Other than some art stuff, I’m done and I’m super happy about it, but there’s so much art…
It’s a little stressful.
The pixel stuff is all done but there are images that play an important role for the overall story of WFG and that’s why I have to spend a lot of time on it.
I want it to be the best that it can possibly be because even though I know I’ll probably want to change it in the future, I want there to be as little amount of changes as possible.
So that’s why it’s getting to me a little.

But in keeping this short, I’ll end my rambling here and get back to work.
Look forward to Friday!

All the Faces!

All the Faces!

Anyway, hello!
Back here again with some blog stuff!
So I’ve finally finished with all of Amelia’s faces!!
I’m so happy that it’s over…
It took way too long but it’s mostly because my computer sucks and when I make art that uses more than three layers makes my laptop freak out and take forever to load files.
Also, for some reason, the faces look a lot dark than Amelia’s sprite so I’m thinking about darkening it and you might see those changes next week.

Faces aside, hopefully by the end of this weekend, I’ll officially be in the homestretch of the demo!!
And all that will be left is all of the art of the character busts.
There’s so much art that needs to get done.
So much computer chugging I have to sit through.
…I’m looking…forward…to…it………
The code and pixel art’s done though!

Future headaches aside,
Here this weeks done list:

– Amelia’s faces
– Make the rpg part better
– (Almost) fixed all the the colors
– Prepared the credits
– Finished ‘Fashion’

Okay, Bye2!
(I saw this in the name of a vkei band even though in the Japanese it was written as Bye Bye, the English was written as Bye2)
(idk man)

Mata Raishuu!

New Colors!

New Colors!


Not sure if I already showed this off before but I’ve been changing the dialog box colors.

It’s been a little tedious but worth it I think.

The contrast between the ‘your voice’ and the other characters makes the dialog visually much better with the new colors.

So changing subjects,

You know when you’ve been working on a project for so long,

And gone over all the little details a bunch of times,

To the point that all the interesting and fun ideas you have are now really boring to you,


I’m officially living in that.


It really sucks too because even though I do kind of think the prequel may come off as a little boring to some people, I really made it more for me than anyone else.

I needed a way to practice using RPG maker and also to learn about the game making process in general.

I have/had all these great ideas but now I’m so bored with myself that I feel like sort of tearing my work down.

There’s about two more months until the game comes out which I’m very happy about. And regardless of how it’s received, I’ve still learned a lot so it’s all worth it!

Now on to,

The Vague List of Things I Did Last Week

– Finished ALL of the dialog (yay!)

– Fixed more colors and dialog

– Ending(s) done

– In the middle of ‘Fashion’


That’s everything for now!


Hey! Cool Cursor!!

Hey! Cool Cursor!!

Hey hey!

It’s me!


Back with more fun changes!

(I don’t really think they’re that fun but whatever)

This videos about changing the cursor.

One of the things that I’m not exactly a big fan of in RPG Maker is the need for a cursor when inputting a strings but it kind of is what it is.

I looked into it a while ago when I first started the game but the only two options are a having the full list of characters on the screen but you have to use the cursor to input OR have just an input bar with no list of characters with it and just use the keyboard.

I thought the second option was visually a little confusing, so I opted for the cursor.

I might change my mind for the full game though.

Last week was an… interesting week for me so I had to postpone my last blog post until Saturday.

My aim is always Wednesday morning for the blog posts but I’ve never made promises and refuse to make promises about it because I know me too well.

There are two things I’m really good at.

Losing things.

And breaking promises.

So I want to at least keep from setting up any expectations that will just end up being missed.

Also, after the prequel comes out and I start working on the full game, the amount of blog post will also be less. I’m aiming for at least two a month but once again, don’t wanna make any promises.

Here’s the vague things that got finished list:

-All the maps are officially done!!

-More color changes

-More dialogs added

-Code fixed and added (I made an internal clock too)

-Started ‘Fashion’

That’s everything for this week!

Bye Bii!